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Ilaisa Tuiaki Steps Down as BYU Defensive Coordinator

BYU v East Carolina Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

After seven seasons as BYU’s defensive coordinator, Ilaisa Tuiaki announced Sunday that he has stepped down from the position. He announced on his personal IG and Facebook.

Tuiaki had stellar defenses in his first seasons at BYU, but the defense regressed the last few seasons and bottomed out this season.

BYU now heads into the Big 12 in search of a new defensive coordinator, and likely other new position coaches on that side of the ball. Defensive coordinators often bring in some of their guys, so BYU could see other position coaches leave soon too.

The writing has been on the wall for BYU have a change at DC since the October skid, which included losses to Arkansas and Liberty where BYU’s defense struggled mightily. BYU has struggled to build depth on the defensive side of the ball and has not recruited the defensive line as well as many had hoped for.

Good luck to Tuiaki in his next phase of life!