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Jaren Hall Says He’s 100% Now, Cracked 3 Ribs Versus Utah

Utah v BYU Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

QB Jaren Hall had a great 2021 season, throwing for 2583, 20 touchdowns, completing 64% of passes, and rushing for 307 yards and 3 touchdowns. Jaren played in 10 of BYU’s 13 games, missing the USF, Utah State, and UAB games due to injury.

Jaren appeared on BYU Sports Nation Monday morning as BYU opens spring ball, addressing BYU’s upcoming season, his health and a variety of other topics.

“I’m healthy. I’m back to 100%,” Jaren told Spencer Linton and Jarom Jordan.

He went on to discuss the rib injuries that hampered him the beginning of the season and caused him to miss the USF and Utah State games.

“So the first game of the season I cracked a couple (ribs), or bruised a couple, we couldn’t get an image. And then the Utah game officially cracked the three of them completely. Arizona State, had some chest issues on top of that.”

When discussing why he missed the bowl game, he said he suffered a foot/ankle injury late in the USC game.

It’s a testament to Jaren’s toughness that he led BYU to 3 P5 wins over Arizona, Utah and Arizona State with bruised/cracked ribs. Injuries have hindered Jaren during his BYU career, but if he can stay healthy in 2022 he is throwing behind a veteran offensive line, a wide receiver group headlined by Puka Nacua and Gunner Romney, and a P5 running back transfer in Christopher Brooks that rushed for over 1,700 yards in his Cal career.

You can watch Jaren’s entire interview below.