Some Basketball Basics for Beginners to Understand the Game


Watching sports is my favourite hobby, and my favourite sport is basketball, even though I, unfortunately, don't have the skill to play it. Basketball is one of the most intriguing sports I have come across. The sheer skill, determination, and strategy level are mind-blowing, and I can't get enough of the NBA Championships.

Australia also has its National Basketball League (NBL), but it is in the process of becoming as big and exciting as the US version. I know that few people know as much about basketball in Australia as they would about basketball, so I want this blog to be your source of information.

Key Basketball Concepts to Know About

Following are some critical details about basketball that you need to know if you want to understand the game. Even if you don't want to watch it, you can always use it to make sense of the live betting information on basketball for sports bets.

Team Structure

Each basketball team has five active players on the court, but they are allowed to have 12 total players in the team at any given point since the game allows unlimited substitutions. The court is divided into two sides, with each team getting a goal assigned to them.

The players need to prevent the ball from going into their hoop while doing their best to score points by putting the basketball through the opponent's hoop.

Game Positions

There are two primary game positions each team assumes once the game commences, offence and defence. The primary goal of the offensive team is to push through the opponent's defence to put the ball through their hoop.

In contrast, players on defence need to hold their ground, snatch the ball from the opponent's offence team, and pass it onto their offence. The team that creates the optimal offensive and defensive strategy to score more points wins the game.

Player Positions

There are three primary positions in a basketball game. Their names can be misleading, so make sure you read the responsibility for each of them.

Guard – I know it sounds like they are the defence, but the reality is slightly different. Guards are the shortest players on the team, and they are typically the fastest. Their goal is to dribble the ball fast enough to prevent the opponent from snatching it and manoeuvring through the defence to score a point. They are also typically responsible for rebounds.

While their primary role is offence, they can also be positioned on defence to snatch the ball and prevent the opponent from successfully putting it through the hoop.

Forward – Forwards are taller than guards, and their core responsibility is preventing opponents from reaching the hoop and sending the ball back to team members breaking through the defence on the other side.

Forwards are also in the best position to take outside shots, the most iconic ones when successful.

Centre – Centres are the tallest players, and they are responsible for multiple aspects of the game. They remain close to the basket to defend it against all outside shots and other offensive strategies. They are also central for passes and help their team take the ball to the opposite hoop, transferring it at the right time.

Each position is critical to gameplay because everyone leverages their respective strengths to create opportunities for their team.

Shot Types

There are three main types of shots in basketball:

Free Throw – A free throw is typically awarded to a team in response to a foul from a member of the opponents. It is an unhindered shot that one of the players need to take beyond a set line. However, a free throw is illegal unless an official has handled the ball before transferring it to a player.

Two-Pointers – A two-pointer is a shot made from anywhere in the three-point arch. These shots are complex, and their success rate is generally lower; hence a team is awarded two points when it succeeds.

Three-Pointers – The three-pointer is a shot made from a space within the court but outside the three-point arch. These are even more difficult than the two pointers; hence, players are awarded three points when they succeed.

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed reading the blog post and the details about basketball. It is an incredible game that deserves a bigger fan base across the globe. I hope you are intrigued enough to watch a few games. You can also check out my other blog posts for more information about basketball and other sports.

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