Understanding NBA Odds And Basketball Betting Lines

When it comes to NBA betting odds and NBA betting lines, it is good that you understand how they work before you get involved with betting on NBA games.

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NBA basketball betting is incredibly popular in the United States. There are several ways how you can bet on NBA games, but it is a tough sport to bet on with differing betting odds.

You might think your favourite team will win, only for the underdog to win the game.

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NBA Betting Lines

NBA bets are all about player and team statistics and points scored. There are several different betting lines in the NBA, based on the performance of a team or player.

Below are some of the most popular types of NBA betting and NBA odds.

1) Moneyline Betting

Moneyline betting is a popular type of NBA wagering as you can bet on any NBA game.

A Moneyline bet is placed on which team will win outright or lose. Moneyline odds are usually quite good, as there are no draws in the NBA.

This means there can only be two outcomes - a winning team and a losing team. Odds tend to be quite close together because of the parity between NBA teams.

2) Point Spread Betting

A Point Spread Bet, or against the spread bet, is probably the most popular way to bet on the NBA.

Point Spread betting does not look at who will win or lose, but rather at which team will cover the spread.

These odds are set by your online sportsbook and bookmakers.

For point spread betting, Favourites will have to concede (or lose) points, while Underdogs score points.

This type of betting levels the playing field and can make it profitable to bet on either team.

3) Over/Under Betting

For Over/Under bets, bookmakers will determine a betting line and you bet how many points over or under that line the final score will be.

For example, if the line is set at 208, and the number of points the teams score is 111-103, then the combined total is 214. This means it is over the betting line. Those that placed bets on Over will win money.

4) Player Prop Betting

Prop bets do not bet on the outcome of the game, but rather on the occurrence or probability of a certain event occurring. This could be events by a team or a specific player.

Player Props are based on the statistics of NBA players, and most commonly look at Points, Rebounds and Assists. Bookmakers will again set NBA lines over/under for these statistics.

NBA bettors can make lots of money betting on Player Props if they do their research into the players.

5) Team Prop Betting

Similar to Player Prop bets, Team Prop Bets are related to certain activities. For example, you may bet that the Los Angeles Lakers will be the first team to score 20 points in the NBA finals.

Team Prop betting allows you to also wager on point spreads, however, it offers a lot more flexibility as you can bet on either of the teams.

6) Parlay Betting

Parlay Betting is an easy way to bet on NBA games as it combines multiple bets into one bet. If you don't like your NBA Vegas odds, you can combine it with other single bets.

The upside of Parlay Betting is that you can customise your own bet. The downside is that all your selections must win for you to see a payout.

7) Future Betting

Future betting is when bettors wager on the outcome of a future event, such as the winner of the NBA Championship.

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Types of NBA Odds

1) American Odds

American odds are according to favourites and underdogs. Favourites are indicated with a (-), and underdogs with a (+).

For example, if a favourite is indicated as +130, you must risk $130 to win $100 from the sportsbook if the favourite wins.

If the underdog odds are -340, then you only risk $100 and could win $340.

2) Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are easy and are simply your stake times the odds to see your payout. For example, if the odds are 1.82, and you placed $100, then if successful, your payout will be $182.

3) Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are indicated with a "/", with the number above showing your winnings, and the number below your bet amount.

If the odds are 4/5 that means that if you bet $5, you will win $4.

Final Thoughts

The above NBA betting tips will make your NBA betting experience more pleasurable, as you will have a better understanding of how NBA betting lines and odds work.

Sports betting can be risky, but if you do your research, you can successfully get involved with sports wagering over the NBA season.

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