Sports Betting: Tips to Win and Also Avoid Big Gambling Loss

Sports betting can be a way to get quick money and have fun, but when abused, it can lead to addiction and, in severe cases, loss of livelihood.

To bet on some sports like the NBA, for example, many things need to be considered other than hunting for NBA odds. These considerations can be strategies you need to take to maximize your winning probability and approaches to take to safeguard yourself from becoming an addict.

Below, we present three tips for increasing your sports betting profits and how to prevent significant losses in gambling.

3 Tips For Increasing Your Sports Betting Profits!

Bet in singles only, avoid multiple bets, avoid each way bets, and avoid large fields. Not doing these things gives the bookmaker a significant edge.

Bet In Singles Only - Avoid Multiple Bets

In particular, you should avoid bets which rely on many selections to work out in your favour (e.g., Yankee, Goliath) - the odds of your winning are massive. With each SINGLE bet, you can control how much is the optimum amount to risk at the odds quoted.

You can then re-bet later if you so wish, but you can control the exact amount you wish to re-bet. Plus, you can profit from your singles bet before re-betting the rest, which you cannot do with a multiple bet.

Don't Bet Each Way

The odds rarely offer good value for money. It would be best to make more profit by betting on your selection each time in the longer term.

Avoid Large Fields

Usually, the more runners, the more the profit margin for the bookmaker, as the odds quoted do not reflect the true odds (e.g., a 250/1 horse may be quoted as 50/1, etc.). This is harder for the bookie to get away with on shorter fields.

There you have it, betting outcomes is highly unpredictable, but you can apply our tips mentioned here to reduce your disappointments.

How to Prevent the Next Big Gambling Loss - Non-Gambler

Break The Trigger-Thought-Craving - Process And Deal With A Gambling Addiction

First, one must understand that a common process leads up to a gambling relapse. It starts with a trigger (e.g., a person, object, feeling, or a time of day), which leads to the thought of gambling that can cause a craving, which eventually will lead to a gambling relapse.

The key to preventing relapse is to stop the "thought" before it leads to a craving. So, for instance, an addict might experience a trigger such as cashing one's payroll check. This trigger may create a thought or several thoughts about gambling. The gambling addict must stop this thought process before it starts causing cravings, which will likely lead to another gambling relapse.

One way to interrupt these thoughts is by thinking the thought through. For example, what will happen if I choose to gamble? My family might be disappointed in me. I might turn to stealing and get arrested to make up for gambling losses which in turn may result in losing the custody of a child, etc. Many potential negative outcomes could result from returning to gambling addiction.

Have a Supportive Partner

Another way to break this thought process is to call a supportive person in your life, whether a spouse, family member, friend, or another person who has been abstinent from gambling. Going for a walk might be another technique to break this cycle.

Find at least one technique to stop this negative thought process. Otherwise, the awful cycle of your gambling addiction will surely turn your life upside once again.

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