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2023 BYU Football Schedule Taking Shape as USC Game Gets Cancelled

BYU may need to cancel one more game if the Big 12 goes with 9 conference games.

NCAA Football: Brigham Young at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Another game is off the 2023 schedule as USC announced they’ve cancelled the 2023 game with BYU in LA.

BYU has cancelled or postponed several 2023 games and beyond as they gear up for Big 12 play beginning in 2023. BYU now currently has 4 games on the 2023 non-conference schedule.

September 2 vs Tennessee (Home)

September 16 at Arkansas (Away)

November 18 vs SUU (Home)

TBD vs Utah State (Away)

If the Big 12 opts for 8 conference games, then BYU won’t need to cancel anymore games. If the Big 12 opts for 9 conference games, which seems more likely, then BYU will need to cancel one more.

So, who would BYU cancel? There’s no way you cancel the home opener versus Tennessee. That is a marquee game. Arkansas is the second half of a home-and-home series, so I have a hard time seeing that one getting cancelled or moved on short notice. That game was already moved up a month from October to September, suggesting it will remain on the schedule.

That leaves SUU and Utah State. My inclination would be to cancel the Utah State game to ensure BYU has a extra home game. That means more money, and BYU could use the more sure win as they venture into their first season in a P5 conference.

For now, Tom Holmoe has made significant progress in trimming down the schedule to get BYU ready for Big 12 play.