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President Nelson References BYU Basketball Game in General Conference

NCAA Basketball: Utah State at Brigham Young Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

During his remarks in the Sunday morning session of General Conference, President Russell M. Nelson referenced a basketball game when making a momentum analogy.

He referenced a basketball player stealing the inbounds pass right before halftime to give the team a four-point lead and momentum heading into halftime.

The game? It was BYU-Pacific on January 6 in Provo, Utah. Alex Barcello made a three-pointer with seconds left in the first half before guard Spencer Johnson stole the inbounds pass and made a layup right before the halftime buzzer, giving BYU a four-point lead before the break en route to a 73-51 BYU victory.

You can watch the sequence below.

Not sure about you, but this caused me to open my droopy eyes and pay in earnest attention to the last 15 minutes of conference. And shoutout to Spencer Johnson who can always say he was the focus of an object lesson of the prophet in General Conference.