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Social Media Recap of Big BYU Official Visit Weekend

Twitter: @EthanThomason77

BYU had a huge recruiting weekend, with four top 2023 recruits on-campus simultaneously for their official visits. Walker Lyons, Jackson Bowers, Hunter Clegg, and Ethan Thomason are all highly regarded recruits and had visited BYU previously for unofficial visits. They are among the top LDS prospects in the country and top targets for BYU. Thomason is a highly-rated 3-star recruit and the other three are 4-star guys. We profiled each player at the start of their visit last week.

Official visits are hard to mess up, and by all accounts BYU did well in hosting the players and their families. Official visits are allowed to last up to 48 hours, and the players visited Thursday though Saturday night.

Below is a social media round up from the players.

Jackson Bowers, Tight End

The recruits went to a lake on Saturday.

Walker Lyons, Tight End

BYU put the below videos together for the recruits after their visits.

Ethan Thomason, Offensive Line

Ethan’s mom and dad posted the below on their Instagrams.

Hunter Clegg, Edge Rusher

Each player has more official visits lined up, but the hope for BYU is that they made a strong first impression and created a BYU bond between the players by having them all on campus at once. As expected, none of the players committed following the visits, but we could start to see commitments in the coming months as players begin their senior year.