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Latest on BYU Hoops Targets Jaxon Johnson and Brooks Bahr as Decision Nears

Where will the two 2024 targets end up as they approach a decision?

After missing out on 2024 targets Malick Diallo and Brody Kozlowski in the last couple weeks, BYU has their eyes on Brooks Bahr and Jaxon Johnson. Isaac Davis committed way back in April and will join the team next season, but BYU would love to add Bahr and Johnson to the recruiting class. Bahr and Johnson both plan to serve mission right after high school and will enroll at their next school in 2026.

Below is the latest on their timeline and where they could end up.

Jaxon Johnson

The 6-foot-8, 4-star forward announced earlier this week that he will announce his decision Thursday, November 2 at 1:00 MT. His final four is BYU, Stanford, Utah, and USC.

As recently as this summer, I think Stanford may have been in the driver’s seat. Stanford had been recruiting Johnson for awhile and seemed the favorite until BYU and Utah offered.

Based on several conversations I’ve had with multiple people, this should come down to BYU and Utah. Brody Kozlowski committed to USC and hosted Jaxon and Brooks on official visits, but I don’t think they are a serious player for either.

A couple things to consider.

First, Jaxon comes from a Utah family. He and his family are no doubt Utah sports fans. Those family ties are a real pull.

However, BYU has done a great job of recruiting Jaxon. When BYU offered Jaxon back in July, Jaxon told me the below.

“I have a great relationship with the (BYU) coaches. They have been recruiting me since freshman/sophomore year. I have a amazing relationship with coach Fueger and am starting to build good relationships with the rest of the staff.”

He told me the below after his official visit in late September.

“I love the culture at BYU! Everyone supports one another. My relationship with the staff is great! This week was awesome getting to know the people I haven’t known super well! I have a strong relationship with the staff! I’ve known some of the players for a bit so it was fun talking to some dudes and getting their input of BYU.”

If you would have asked me two or three weeks ago, I would have told you Jaxon was a heavy Utah lean. More recently, however, I believe it is closer to 50/50 based on conversations I’ve had with non-BYU sources.

If Jaxon was a fan of neither BYU or Utah, I would probably pick BYU here. I still think that is in play. However, I think the family ties win out in the end.

Prediction: Utah

Brooks Bahr

A top 150 recruit in the 2024 class, the 6-foot-5 guard recently completed his final visit to Wake Forest this past weekend. Brooks has taken officials to Utah, Nebraska, BYU, Saint Mary’s, USC, and Wake Forest.

Wake Forest made an impression on this last visit, according to sources familiar with the visit, but BYU and Utah have been the favorites here for awhile.

Brooks comes from a BYU family. His dad played football at BYU and he has an older brother that is currently a BYU student. Brooks is family friends with Utah forward Jake Wahlin, and the Utes have recruited Brooks well.

Brooks can play either guard spot, but BYU coaches are recruiting Brooks at point guard. He has the scoring and facilitating skills to be a star at the next level. If Brooks were to choose BYU, I think he would be a 3-year starter at point guard and a piece BYU builds around.

As of this publishing, Brooks has not communicated a timeline for when he will announce, but I expect that to be before the early signing period begins November 8.

Brooks has some really good schools that want him. I think BYU wins out.

Prediction: BYU