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Samford Transfer Ques Glover Commits to BYU

BYU gets a high-scoring point guard.

IG: qgl0ver

BYU added its third transfer of the offseason as Samford point guard Ques Glover announced his commitment to BYU. Ques committed after visiting BYU last Wednesday-Friday. Glover is immediately eligible as a grad transfer and has one year of eligibility remaining. BYU held off final schools Ques was considering such as Ole Miss, LSU, Notre Dame, and SMU as well as late pushes from Florida and Mississippi State. Florida (Ques’ first school he attended) came hard after Ques Monday, but BYU held off the Gators and the rest of the challengers. If anyone’s counting, that makes two players (along with Aly Khalifa) that BYU landed over the Gators this off-season.

A 6-foot point guard, Glover has been one of the top mid-major guards the last couple seasons. Glover averaged 19.2 points and 4.4 assists on 47% shooting as a junior in 2021-2022, which earned him All-SoCon First team honors. He partially tore his meniscus as a senior this past year in late November which caused him to miss nearly two months in the middle of the season, but he still played 19 games and averaged 14.7 points on 48% shooting. Glover received Second Team All-SoCon honors despite missing the first month of conference play. He played his first two seasons at Florida, where he was averaged 4.4 points as a freshman and 2.5 points as a sophomore in 51 total games.

Glover is a lightning quick point guard who does most of his damage attacking the rim off ball screens or in isolations. He is a three level scorer that has shot more twos and free throws than threes during his career. He shot 32-104 (31%) from three as a junior, but upped his three-point efficiency last season to 38%. Only 24% of his field goal attempts the last two years have been from three, so Glover provides BYU with a much-needed scorer that can create his own shot off the dribble and get to the basket. He’s averaged 5 free throw attempts per game the last two seasons and shoots 81% from the foul line.

Passing wise, Glover was 26th nationally as a junior in assist rate. His turnover rate that season was 15.9% which was better than any BYU player last season. His turnover rate did increase as a senior, so BYU would need Ques to be closer to his junior year when he was healthy for the whole season.

I anticipate Ques being BYU’s starting point guard and immediately one of BYU’s top players. He can play alongside any of BYU’s guards and gives BYU a “bucket getter”, something BYU hasn’t had enough of these last few season. Glover didn’t play in enough games last season to qualify in KemPom ranks, but as a junior in 2021-22 he was top 20 nationally in usage rate and shot 47% from the field, which is impressive considering the usage he had. Big man Aly Khalifa is a great passer as well, so having Glover and Khalifa on the roster should improve the quality of looks everyone else on the roster.

Glover has an 88 transfer rating from 247 Sports, making him a high 3-star transfer and the 146th-rated player in 247’s transfer rankings. Aly Khalifa received a 90 rating, which translates to a 4-star and #96 player in 247’s rankings.

The addition of Ques, Dawson Baker, and Aly Khalifa puts BYU one over the scholarship limit as it stands now, but spots will open up. Gonzaga’s Dominick Harris visited BYU yesterday and is still in play (although more murky with Dawson and Ques on board), and I could see BYU adding one more front court player in the portal as well. So coaches will have to make decisions and ride the balance of talent upgrade and roster cohesion.

As it stands now, the three transfer additions have upgraded the talent on the roster while still keeping the main returning core intact. Ques, Aly and Dawson all definitely improve BYU’s roster talent heading into the behemoth that is the Big 12 and will be three of BYU’s top players. I think Aly and Ques are surefire starters and Dawson will be a main player regardless if he starts or not.

Ques is a Big 12 caliber starter and should be one of the focal points of the team next year. Khalifa and Baker have two years of eligibility, so it is nice that Ques has only one year remaining. The only seniors whose scholarships come off the books after 2024 are Spencer Johnson and Noah Waterman. BYU next season brings in Collin Chandler and Isaac Davis and is pursuing other 2024 guys such as Brody Kozlowski and Malick Diallo, so it is good that at least one of the transfers is a one-year guy to give some scholarship relief next offseason.

You can watch highlights of Glover below.