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Big 12 Unveils BYU’s Big 12 Basketball Schedule Pairings

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

After releasing the Women’s pairing’s Thursday morning, the Big 12 announced the men’s basketball pairings for the upcoming season. Teams will play 18 conference games, meaning each team will play 5 teams twice, 4 teams only at home, and 4 teams only on the road.

Below are BYU’s pairings.



Iowa State

Kansas State

Oklahoma State


Home Only





Away Only


West Virginia

Texas Tech


The exact dates will be announced later. The Big 12 has historically released dates in September. Based on non-conference schedules from teams around the conference, Big 12 conference games should begin after the new year.

Kansas, Houston, and Texas are the perceived top 3 teams in the Big 12, so BYU may have caught a break by playing each team only once. UCF should be one of the bottom teams in the Big 12, and BYU gets to play them twice. Every little break helps as BYU transitions into the top conference in college basketball.

Season ticket demand has been at historic high, and seeing teams like Texas, Baylor, Kansas State, and others come to the Marriott Center will create top notch environments. BYU only plays Kansas on the road, but playing in Allen Fieldhouse will be a special experience.