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Reports: Utah, Arizona, Arizona State Joining Big 12 in Next “24 Hours”

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NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament - Midwest Regional Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Oregon and Washington delivered crippling blow to the Pac-12 Friday morning with their entrance into the Big 10, and 3 more schools delivered the final body blow shortly after.

Brett McMurphy, along with several other reports, reported that Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah will join the Big 12 in the “next 24 hours.”

From McMurpy:

“Arizona, Arizona State and two-time defending Pac-12 champion Utah are leaving the Pac-12 and joining Colorado in the Big 12 in 2024, pending formal approval by the Big 12, sources told Action Network.

The Big 12 presidents’ approval is expected in the next 24 hours, followed by an announcement of the three new members sources said.”

Colorado joined the Big 12 last week, which means the Big 12 will be at 16 teams beginning in 2024.

Many BYU fans poked fun at the chance of Utah going back to the MWC, but the Utes ending in the same conference as BYU for the first time since 2011 seemed inevitable. After over a decade apart, one of the best rivalries in college sports will be renewed annually and in the same conference. BYU-Utah will be the best football rivalry in the Big 12 and likely be played Thanksgiving weekend every year. On the hardwood, the two teams will play each other twice annually in what should be raucous environments in both arenas, the Huntsman Center curtains notwithstanding.

For the Arizona schools, BYU has tons of alumni in that area and will give BYU two additional western partners. BYU will be on a bit of an island for one season in the Big 12, but beginning in 2024 Utah, Colorado, Arizona and Arizona State will provide BYU some regional rivals and Pacific and Mountain time zone partners.

How heated will the Holy War be in the Big 12? I think the vitrolity will be at an all-time high and be a top rivalry in college football. In a time when rivalries are being ripped apart, Big 12 expansion brought back together arguably the best rivalry west of Texas.