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BYU Basketball Hires Michael Davie as Director of Strength and Conditioning and Sports Science

Brigham Young v Saint Mary’s Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

BYU hoops hired a new director of strength and conditioning and sports science Monday morning. Michael Davie replaces Erick Schork, who was at BYU since 2016.

Davie comes to BYU with an impressive background. He was with the Milwaukee Bucks for 8 years as the senior strength and conditioning coach. He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which allowed BYU to get in the door.

Davie made the following post on LinkedIn on Sunday.

“What an amazing 8 seasons with Suki Hobson and Troy Flanagan at the Milwaukee Bucks! Lived out my dream of working in the NBA and winning an NBA championship! The memories and stories will be fun to reminisce in the years to come. With all 5 of my kids at BYU for college, my wife studying at BYU online and wanting to do a masters on BYU campus, me being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints it made totally sense to take this job at BYU! NBA schedule and travel is no joke so to get significant time back to pursue other life goals was a huge factor too! Phd, build an American muscle car, have a social life, pickleballers beware ! Not to mention I always had ambition to work in college basketball at some point! Looking forward to the new challenge of helping BYU competing in the Big 12 conference! Let’s see if I can make an impact again!”

BYU getting someone with the experience of Davie is huge. The strength and conditioning coach is often overlooked, but they spend hours with players and are responsible for getting them in shape and making sure nutrition is on track. Davie’s connection to the church and BYU gave BYU an inside track to him, where normally BYU wouldn’t have the ability to hire someone with his experience. BYU’s press release says his 5 kids attend BYU-Idaho.

Davie will get right to work and should be with BYU as they embark on their European trip next week.