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Game Preview Q&A With Arkansas Expert

A game preview with Arkansas writer Jacob Davis ahead of the Cougars game in Fayetteville.

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Brigham Young Gabriel Mayberry-USA TODAY Sports

BYU takes on the Arkansas Razorbacks Saturday evening so we reached out to Jacob Davis, an Arkansas staff writer for Sports Illistrated, to give his thoughts on the upcoming game.

With the transfer portal being such a huge role in college football now, how different is this Arkansas team compared to the one BYU faced just a year ago?

Man, Arkansas has quite a few new players —almost 50 new guys. The receivers are certainly going to be different than the Cougars faced last season as five of the top pass catchers from 2022 are gone. Now, the Hogs have two impact transfers in Andrew Armstrong (3 TD) and Isaac TeSlaa who has 117 yards and quite a few impressive receptions.

The defensive line has quite a few transfers that have added quality depth in Trajan Jeffcoat (1 sack), Keivie Rose (2 sacks), and John Morgan.

At linebacker Jaheim Thomas (20 tackles, 2.5 TFL and 1.5 sacks) and Anthony Grier (pick six) have been impact players as well.

Then, the pair of Baylor transfers in Alfahyim Walcott and Lorando “Snaxx” Johnson have played key starting roles. While Georgia transfer Jaheim Singletary has played the role of a shutdown corner.

What strengths has Arkansas shown through the first two games?

Arkansas has shown their strength in the run defense only allowing 45 yards per game through two weeks.

What are some of the weak spots they have shown through two weeks?

As far as weak spots go, the run game has been far from what most are used to after being a top 10 unit the last two seasons. Not a single running back has exceeded 100 yards in a game this season. However, that could be due to teams selling out on the run.

What should BYU be focusing on the most in this game?

BYU needs to be focused on stopping Arkansas’ aerial attack. Teams haven’t needed to slow it down much but when Jefferson is allowed time to throw and take over a game it’s never good for the opponent.

What is your prediction for the game?

I’m not a huge prediction guy but I think Arkansas will take care of business at home before SEC play starts. Sam Pittman should have the guys focused and ready to play. I’ll say 38-14 Hogs.