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Matt Brown is co-League Manager for SB Nation College Sports, the co-Manager for SB Nation's Ohio State site Land-Grant Holy Land, and the former editor of Vanquish The Foe. He will occasionally post to help give a more national perspective on BYU related news. Matt lives in Washington DC, and has a BA from The Ohio State University. Outside of the MTC, he's never even lived in Utah, but he's found that maintaining a spot on the VTF masthead makes him a lot more popular with his Elders Quorum. Matt can be followed at @MattSBN

The 4 big myths of the SHOULD BYU GO TO BACK TO THE MOUNTAIN WEST?!? argument

Instead of shouting the same three talking points on Twitter or on sports radio, it’s time to go a little deeper

Let’s take a closer look at those Gonzaga/Mountain West Conference rumors

If BYU could hop on this train too, it would be good for everybody. But the devil is in the details.

BYU basketball is always going to be limited in the WCC. They should help start a new basketball league in the west

This current system isn’t a great fit. It’s time for some transformative leadership.

BYU football ranked 76th in first 2018 football S&P+ rankings

Our advanced stats profile calls for major improvement for BYU football, but maybe not THAT major.

4-star LB Brandon Kaho flips from BYU to Washington

The prize of BYU’s 2018 recruiting class will be headed elsewhere.

What BYU history might tell us about how to fix BYU football’s offensive problems

This isn’t the first time BYU needed an offensive overhaul. Perhaps the pre-LaVell Edwards era can provide some clues.

The future of BYU football rests on recruiting. Is it really getting better?

The data isn’t as clear as you may think.

BYU may stink this season, but no, that doesn’t mean they should go back to the MWC

One bad season shouldn’t be a referendum on independence.

Report: BYU-LSU could move from Houston due to Hurricane Harvey

Officials from ESPN, BYU and LSU are discussing contingency plans.

BYU and Utah add two more games to the celebrated Holy War series

The Utes and Cougars will battle in 2021 and 2022.