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Matt Brown is co-League Manager for SB Nation College Sports, the co-Manager for SB Nation's Ohio State site Land-Grant Holy Land, and the former editor of Vanquish The Foe. He will occasionally post to help give a more national perspective on BYU related news. Matt lives in Washington DC, and has a BA from The Ohio State University. Outside of the MTC, he's never even lived in Utah, but he's found that maintaining a spot on the VTF masthead makes him a lot more popular with his Elders Quorum. Matt can be followed at @MattSBN

BYU isn’t joining the Big 12 any time soon. So now what?

Let’s take a closer look at what the fallout from Monday’s decision means.

Big 12 elects not to expand ‘at this time’, per multiple reports

Months and months have led to an anti-climatic ending.

What we know about BYU’s Big 12 chances ahead of Monday’s press conference

There’s a lot of uncertainty ahead, but we do know a few things.

The Big 12 is reportedly “unlikely” to expand next week

But if anything, this group has taught us to never say never.

Here’s how the president of the Utah Jazz suggested Utah’s Governor pitch BYU to the Big 12

All of Utah’s heavy hitters are getting involved.

Oklahoma's influential president may have changed his mind on Big 12 expansion

Or maybe he didn’t. It’s hard to keep up.

BYU’s loss to West Virginia changes up the narratives, but the result remains the same

What do you make of a weird game like that?

ESPN: BYU’s Big 12 hopes are “losing steam.” Let’s take a closer look

The worldwide leader has an update on Big 12 expansion, and things may be even more complicated than they seem.

Oklahoma university president David Boren: “Big 12 expansion is not a sure thing”

Could the Big 12 seriously go through all of this, and decide not to expand at all?

Listen to the radio call of BYU’s game winning field goal again and again