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BYU Basketball: Stephen Rogers forced to end career with chronic knee problem

The forward is the second player forced to retire in fall camp due to leg injuries.


The BYU basketball program has announced that forward Stephen Rogers is retiring from basketball after continued problems with a knee injury.

The 6'8" forward played in 54 games at BYU. As a sophomore, the thin Rogers emerged as a versatile wing-type player who could knock down a jumper or get inside for rebounds. But last season, his junior year was cut short from the injury. He appeared in 18 games, scoring six points and grabbing two rebounds per game while shooting 47%. After sitting out for prolonged amounts, Rogers tried on two different occasions to play again, only to see limited minutes and sit for several games after.

It was revealed at BYU hoops media day that over the offseason, Rogers would still experience major swelling after playing, even as the season approached. It happened again this weekend, which caused his decision:

Rogers' departure will give extra time and pressure to Brock Zylstra, Tyler Haws, and Raul Delgado at the wing positions. The terrible news also casts further salt in the wound of losing Damarcus Harrison due to his delayed mission, now accentuated by two players (Rogers, Chris Collinsworth) having to call it quits due to leg injuries.

BYU's blue and white scrimmage takes place tonight at 7:00 p.m. Admission is free at the Marriott Center, and the game is also available online at