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Rise Up for Recruiting: Donate for Nov. 24 basketball t-shirts!

Your donations can help make November 24th a great atmosphere for the BYU basketball team and anyone who might be visiting.

BYU basketball is set to play Cal State Northridge on Sat., November 24 at the Marriott Center. A certain well-known player will be visiting BYU campus that day and taking in the game. This is your chance to make it a great experience.

Greg Welch, friend of VTF, has started a fan-based movement to clad the arena in t-shirts welcoming BYU's guest. The graphic you see at the top of this post is what will be on the t-shirts. To make this happen, you can donate to help get the t-shirts produced.

This is a call to make that night a great experience. A donation does not purchase a t-shirt, but instead goes toward the t-shirt printing. However, if you are going to attend that game, Greg will later be sharing details of when/where at the arena he will be distributing the shirts so you can try to pick one up.

The first focus will be getting the student section set in these shirts. But the more donations received, the more shirts can be produced, so I'm sure if Greg pulls in enough money that perhaps the whole arena could be decked out in this shirt.

If you are a loyal Cougar who would like to attend this game but can't, here is your way to help make it an awesome atmosphere. This is a way for those who will attend and those who cannot to be a part of that night.

Note: This is a fan-driven project and is in no way endorsed by Brigham Young University. However, steps have been made to ensure this project does not violate recruiting rules or university policy.