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BYU loses to Iowa State on the road, 83-62

BYU suffered one of the worst losses of the Dave Rose era, falling to an athletic Iowa State team and a player from BYU's past.

Jonathan Daniel

Playing in their first true road game of the year--a game that is likely to play a significant factor in BYU's NCAA tournament at-large consideration--BYU struggled on both sides of the ball and suffered one of the worst losses of the Dave Rose era, falling to Iowa State 83-62.

Somewhere, Jim Boylen is smiling. Utah transfer Will Clyburn, who scored well against BYU during his tenure at Utah, including 23 points during Jimmer's famed 47-point outing in the Huntsman Center, had a career night, ending with 32 points on blistering outside shooting and several great plays at the rim.

BYU’s perimeter players missed a number of open shots, enabling Iowa State to pack the middle and disrupt Brandon Davies, who missed a number of attempts at the rim. Iowa State’s players used their size and athleticism to repeatedly harass BYU into turnovers.

BYU struggled on the perimeter on the defensive side of the ball as well, allowing Iowa State to get open looks from the game's opening moments and through much of the game.

Tyler Haws played his worst game of the season. Haws was bothered by Iowa State’s athleticism and physicality and committed 5 turnovers in addition to forcing several shots. Haws was blocked and pushed off the ball a number of times and generally looked uncomfortable throughout the game.

After taking a one-game foul-trouble hiatus, Davies continued his propensity for taking himself out of games. He picked up two fouls in the first half and watched from the bench as Iowa State turned a three point lead into a nine point advantage in the last two minutes of the half with an 8-0 run.

BYU's bright spots were Nate Austin, who had an all-around good game, and Matt Carlino, who had his best game of the season. When Carlino entered the game in the first half, his impact was noticeable, and he went on to have his biggest scoring game of the year.

BYU fell to 5-3 on the year. This is just the third time a Dave Rose team has lost by more than 20 points.

BYU repeatedly followed defensive stops and rebounds with turnovers. After losing the ball seven times in the entire game against Montana, they matched that number against Iowa State in just the first half.

Next up: BYU plays Utah State at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday in the Marriott Center. The Aggies won the meeting in Logan last year.