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BYU gets Dellavedaggered in loss to Saint Mary's

BYU does enough to win, then a half court heave spoils the party


Holy smokes. Seconds after Tyler Haws hit the game winning shot vs St. Mary's, Matthew Dellavedova drilled a desperation half court shot to steal the win back. Gaels won 70-69.

It was like the great Kevin Nixon shot for BYU in reverse.

See it here for yourself (if you can bear it)

College hoops ARE YOU SERIOUS (via Matt Norlander)

Here are some thoughts on the game:

- Bad Davies was back. Dumb fouls led to him not being on the floor nearly enough and fouling out late in the game. Worse than that he was taking too many ill-advised shots. Worse than that, he got zero rebounds in the game... ZERO!

- Tyler Haws is still easily the best player on this BYU team. He's probably the best player in the WCC.

- Matt Carlino gave us the whole range of Carlino-ness this game. He started off red hot, then got ice cold. Some great shots and some shockingly boneheaded shots and passes.

- Zylstra was having a bad game and then drilled two big threes. Story of this season for him I guess.

- Anson Winder came in and gave BYU some good minutes. Solid defense and a big three.

- Nate Austin put up some big shots for BYU too. He ended up playing more minutes than Sharp at the 4.

- BYU's hopes of getting an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament got more dim with that half court heave. BYU will need to get an upset or two before Selection Sunday to get in.

- Looking at the stats of the game BYU looked pretty good. The big disparity was in offensive rebounds. SMC got 12, BYU only got 4. Those rebounds led to more shots for SMC and that was just enough.

What say you, BYU fans?