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BYU bounces back and rolls over San Diego

Solid rebounding night helps BYU to 74-57 victory.

Davies before fouls put him on the bench
Davies before fouls put him on the bench
Douglas C. Pizac-USA Today Sport

For the second straight game, BYU jumped out to a big first half lead. But unlike the last game against Saint Mary's, BYU held on to that lead on Saturday night against the San Diego Toreros.

BYU relied on four veteran players for 65 of their 74 points tonight. Haws, Davies, Zylstra, and Carlino all scored in double digits and helped BYU jump out to a big first half lead and then cruise to victory from there. USD's Jonny Dee did his best to get the Toreros back in the game by hitting five 3-pointers, but it wasn't enough to allow USD to make a serious run at the lead.

Here are some bullets on this game and the team:

- Davies has reverted back to his old fouling ways lately. He picked up 4 fouls and only played 21 minutes because of them. The most frustrating of his fouls are the silly ones he picks up by bumping guards beyond the three point line. Davies has had this problem his whole BYU career and unfortunately he hasn't kicked some of his bad habits still.

- One of the big differences between the USD win and the SMC loss was rebounds. In the SMC loss BYU was out-rebounded 33-26. In this game BYU out-rebounded USD 39-27.

- BYU's other bigs found themselves in foul trouble too. Sharp and Austin both finished with 4 fouls. As a result Kaufusi got some minutes in the game. It appears that Kaufusi has passed Harward in the depth chart already.

- Josh Sharp had a terrible night, statistically. 10 minutes, 4 fouls, 1 rebound, 3 points. Sharp was earning a rep as a rebounder but he is getting pushed around in the low post vs bigger guys. He's probably going to need to put more weight on if he wants to avoid that problem over the next couple of years.

- Tyler Haws seemed to miss more shots that usual in this game. Yet the stat sheet shows he still hit 40% of his shots on his way to 25 points. You have to be a special talent to "seem" to have a rough game and still put up 25 point on 40% shooting.

- Anson Winder continued his excellent run tonight. Not only did he play great defense, he also scored 6 points.

- Dave Rose's rotation seems to have stabilized at 8 guys getting the bulk of the minutes. The five starters plus Winder, Austin, and Cusick -- all veterans from the team last year. The 9th and 10th guys appear to be Kaufusi and Ambrosino.

- Matt Carlino had another solid performance overall with 6 assists, 11 points, and 3 steals. Kid is playing well in league and that is a very good thing for BYU.

- BYU stunk it up from the three point line tonight. The Cougs shot an awful 21% on 3 for 14. It didn't cost the game against USD, but it might against a better team.

What do you think about this team at this point of the season?