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Weekly Picks: Christmas week in college basketball.

In a week filled with football bowl games, what college basketball games will catch your attention?

Louisville coach Rick Pitino looks on against Syracuse in 2012
Louisville coach Rick Pitino looks on against Syracuse in 2012
Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

This week the calendar has a number of events in store for us. Christmas Eve, Christmas, and a number of bowl games to name a few. Unfortunately, the world of college basketball decided to take the week off as well. With a number of games taking place between schools that scheduled easy for the break, and schools that don't even have a logo on the ESPN scores page; it makes for a tough week for watching college basketball. However, have no fear because here at Vanquish the Foe we found a few games you might be interested in!

Let's start with the National scene:

#8 Villanova vs. #2 Syracuse

At 2 pm EST on CBS what may turn out to be the best game of the week matches up 8th ranked Villanova vs. 2nd ranked Syracuse. This game matches two undefeated teams that are looking to make noise on the national stage in an out of conference showdown. One team will take a hit after their first loss while the other will put a win on their tournament resume that will win them some love in March. I think the crowd at Syracuse will be too much for Villanova and anticipate Syracuse pulling out a close win.

Winner: Syracuse

#6 Louisville vs. #19 Kentucky

At 4 pm EST on CBS we get our second top twenty battle of the day. This time 6th ranked Louisville takes on 19th ranked Kentucky. Louisville has only lost one game, a nine point setback o 24th ranked UNC, but will face their next test on the road. Kentucky has lost three games, all to ranked teams, by a total of 14 points combined. Even with Louisville on the road, I don't foresee Kentucky having the advantage after losing at home already. I think Louisville takes this one.

Winner: Louisville

Moving on to games of interest to BYU and WCC fans, there is full slate of games for the conference opening day:

BYU vs. Loyola Marymount

If you look at the standings and the overall records, the premier game of the day will match the 8-5 BYU Cougars against 8-4 Loyola Marymount Lions at 4 pm EST. BYU has yet to have a bad loss and Loyola has yet to pick up the signature winner. That being said, the game is on the road for the Cougars so you never know what will happen. There will be more on this game later in the week in the "What you need to Know" column. BYU should win this game, even on the road as they are a more seasoned team due to their schedule. BYU should win by double digits.

Winner: BYU

Gonzaga vs. Santa Clara

At 8 pm EST the Gonzaga Bulldogs play and regardless of the opponent, they are always fun to watch. It just so happens that the Bulldogs will play the last ranked team in the WCC, Santa Clara. The game shouldn't be close but even at the bottom of the WCC, the Broncos come in without a losing record. Gonzaga wins this game comfortably.

Winner: Gonzaga

For those interested in the other WCC games San Diego will travel to Pepperdine at 8pm EST and San Francisco travels to Portland at 10 pm EST.

In between watching the bowl games, make sure you take a little time out of the day to watch some college basketball. With some of the match-ups listed, you won't be disappointed.

What games will you be watching? Let us know in the comments what games we missed or what you will be watching.