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Podcast 100: Greg Wrubell on hoops and Jay Monsen

In this super-sized 100th episode Greg Wrubell joins us to chat about a down week for Cougar basketball and to reflect on the career of Jay Monsen. Adam and Matt talk baseball, movies, and Robert Anae.


It's a super-sized 100th episode filled with facts.

Fact: The Rise & Shout podcast is now 100 episodes old. Fact: Greg Wrubell comes on the podcast for his 13th time, which makes him kind of a regular. Greg chats about whether it's a fact that BYU is out of March Madness contention, and whether it's a fact that BYU is just not deep enough after Brandon Davies, Tyler Haws, and Matt Carlino. He also pays tribute to legendary BYU sports announcer Jay Monsen.

Fact: Matt then joins the podcast. Fact: They talk a lot of baseball, which is really awesome (opinion), including the reversal of fortunes between Matt's teams (the Nationals) and Adam's team (the Red Sox). Fact: They answer a lot of #Tweetbag questions. Fact: This episode is really long. Fact: It's super awesome.

Come joining us for this episode by listening here or downloading it on iTunes, and tell us what you think by tweeting us @byu_riseshout.

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