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RELEASE: @PostJimmer joins Vanquish The Foe as lead basketball writer

VTF welcomes Steve Pierce to its staff.

Ethan Miller


Steve Pierce, former owner and proprietor of, has joined the staff at Vanquish The Foe as lead basketball writer.

Steve brings a quality mind, solid basketball analysis, and a passion for BYU hoops, and will help the basketball coverage at VTF take a big step forward.

He will continue to operate his Twitter happenings at @PostJimmer, where he can be followed in his ALL CAPS FITS OF RAGE AND/OR JUBILATION.

From Steve's desk:

As the result of a very kind invitation, I will be moving over to join the gentleman of Vanquish The Foe, where I will be helping to head up their BYU basketball coverage. I have always been a big fan of VTF and the excellent content they produce, so I am extremely excited to be joining such a talented staff. With the great basketball minds that are already present and the exceptional resources of the SBNation community, I feel confident that we will be able to do some really cool stuff at Vanquish The Foe that anyone who has liked Post-Jimmer will certainly enjoy.

So that's basically it. Post-Jimmer represents a wonderful part of my amateur writing career. I had a ton of fun writing these posts, and I hope you had some fun reading them as well. But now it's time to take the next step — into a "brave new world," as the header to [Post-Jimmer] has proudly decreed since its inception.

Welcome, Steve!

His first works at VTF can be read here, as Steve details what BYU's loss to San Diego means. All of his writings will be found on our BYU Basketball hub.