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Podcast 104: NIT preview and spring QBs

BYU is in the NIT, facing off against Washington on Tuesday night, and Adam and Matt weigh in with how far they believe the Cougars will go. They also discuss the QB situation and their favorite movie trilogies.

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The first topic in the 104th episode is BYU is the NIT -- and Adam and Matt like the Cougars' chances to make a deep run in the tournament (though not all the way to Madison Square Garden). They also share their Final Four predictions and gleefully pick against Indiana.

After the basketball talk, they break into a discussion about the QB situation and how that's playing out in spring practice. It looks like Taysom Hill is the man -- is that a good thing? They finish with a discussion of their favorite movie trilogies.

You can listen to all of this below or download us on iTunes. Also feel free to follow us on Twitter @byu_riseshout.

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