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CougarCast: BYU basketball looks to Elijah Bryant

How much better can BYU play with the addition of Elijah Bryant?

NCAA Basketball: Pacific at Brigham Young Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Elijah Bryant was reinserted into the BYU basketball team during last week’s game against St. Mary’s. He looked good in his first two outings from injury. That’s good news.

How much better can BYU play with the addition of Bryant? Welcome to this week’s episode of CougarCast. Plus, a look at the games against San Francisco and San Diego.

Keith has been looking for the Cougars to make changes in their use of personnel and in their style of play (twice!) with the idea that both of these theories could help BYU win more basketball games. However, it doesn’t appear that either of these adjustments (or any others) are going to be committed to by the BYU coaching staff.

Instead, it appears that the burden of making BYU hoops take the leap falls to the sophomore transfer from Elon College. That’s a lot of put upon Elijah Bryant.

Especially when the measurement of improvement is picking up wins over a top 20 St. Mary’s squad and a top five Gonzaga team without losing to any other WCC teams, and making a run in the West Coast Conference tournament — an extremely elusive accomplishment in BYU hoops.

How far can Bryant elevate the Cougars? Let’s watch and see.

As always, a ton of intrigue remains in this BYU basketball season.

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