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BYU Basketball Player Profile: Maximizing the impact of Josh Sharp

BYU fans know what Josh Sharp is capable of. The question is, will they see it?

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Before reading this collection of words about Josh Sharp, go to YouTube and search "Josh Sharp BYU". I suggest you search with the qualifier of "BYU," otherwise you will get a bunch of strange videos of Josh Sharp the adult contemporary, acoustic singer songwriter. In a perfect world, these two versions of Josh Sharp are the same person and maybe sometime this year he'll perform during halftime.

Anyway, once you have properly performed the YouTube search take a good long look at the results.

I shouldn't have to tell you how amazing it is that when you search for videos of the goofiest looking white dude west of the Mississippi, a large collection of thunderous dunks appear. Based on appearance alone, Josh should be somewhere in the depths of the Tanner building, working as a TA in the accounting program as opposed to dunking on fools in the Marriott Center.

But as most of us know, having great leaping ability doesn't ways translate into a prolific college basketball career. In fact, some could say that Josh's lack of progress on the court has been somewhat of a disappointment. We've seen flashes of brilliance from the forward, but in the end, they have only been that. Flashes.

So in this season, his final one at BYU, what can Josh do to finish out his career on a high note? The simple answer is play with confidence and have fun.

Now that might seem like an easy solution for any athlete, but it's particularly important for Josh. Back in the 2012-13 season, there was a three-game stretch when Sharp was playing the best basketball of his life where he averaged 7.5 points and 8.3 boards. It was during this same stretch that we were all witness to this glorious dunk. It was plain to everyone that Josh was playing his game and he knew his space on the floor.

However, as the season wore on Josh's minutes started to wane along with his confidence. For reasons unknown, Dave Rose sat Sharp on a more regular basis and he didn't play a single minute in the Cougars' spirited NIT run. Last season, Josh saw limited time, and when he did step on the floor, he had the perpetual deer-in-the-headlights look. He was hardly a threat to score and he would get lost in his zone defense responsibilities. The confidence was gone.

This season it looks like the progression of Luke Worthington and addition of Jamal Aytes will keep Josh from getting consistent minutes at the four spot. This might seem like a confidence killer, but if Josh readily accepts his role, it could be a great thing for him.

If Josh embraces the fact that he doesn't have to be a key cog in the offense or the go-to shut down defender, he can make a difference with a more concise and narrowed focus. All this Cougar team needs Josh to do is come in for a couple minutes at a time and provide some hustle. A blocked shot here, a tough offensive rebound there and, if possible, a couple of backboard-breaking dunks. It's tough to say if we can expect this type of play, because players usually start to build their confidence with increased minutes.

The key for Josh will be to make the most of whatever minutes Rose sends his way and be prepared for stretches where he might not see the floor. Even though this team is rather deep, the BYU football team has taught us that anyone and everyone should be prepared to contribute.

So here's to watching the dangerously athletic Josh Sharp for one final season and looking forward to him adding a few more highlights to his many that have graced the Internet.