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BYU Basketball Player Profile: Answering questions about Skyler Halford

Do you have questions about Skyler Halford and his role on this year's BYU hoops squad? Of course you do — we all do. Thankfully, we've got some answers.

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In order to fully understand the legend that is Skyler Halford, I seek to provide the answers to all of your burning questions about the senior guard. Don't worry, I know what you're really wanting to know and yes, my answer is at the very bottom of this page.

What happened to Skyler last season?

While he did impress early in the conference season, things started to change in the back half of WCC play. To put his slide in perspective, in the final 12 games of the season he only made four 3-point shots. Four. And it wasn't for lack of trying, because he took a healthy 26 shots from outside the arc.

It should also be noted that while he did have nice string of games against San Diego and Pepperdine, he struggled against key conference rivals St. Mary's and Gonzaga. Between the five games that he played against the Zags and the Gaels, Skyler went 0-11 from 3-point land. Not exactly the production BYU expects against the best conference competition.

As mentioned previously, there were flashes of brilliance, but overall he wasn't able to hit shots consistently from outside. On the year, he shot 31.2 percent from deep — dead last among BYU's guards.

What was Skyler's best performance last year? Why?

His best game, without question, was his 28-point outburst against San Diego where he went 4-for-8 from three and also grabbed a couple of boards and dished out three assists. In watching the highlights, you can see that he wasn't relying completely on the three to get his point total. He was hitting mid-range jumpers, floaters and layups, giving him a range of scoring options. His confidence was also noticeably present. Skyler doesn't struggle with his ability to confidently take shots, but you can tell the difference between when he is taking shots because he sees an opening and when he is taking shots because he knows he can hit them.

What is Skyler's most underrated skill?

Without question, Skyler has the very best game face of any player on the BYU basketball team. His ability to express the intense emotions that one feels while playing basketball is unparalleled. If there was a One Shinning Moment that was dedicated to game faces, he would get the lion's share of camera time.

HIs ability to look like a 43-year-old man was a close runner-up. That photo of him is pure dad.

With Chase Fisher looking to take the starting 2-guard spot, what will Skyler's role be on this team?

Skyler isn't exactly in a great spot with an incoming transfer that will most likely take his minutes and his shots and a bevy of young players like Jake Toolson who are ready to start chucking it up from distance. That being said, if he wants to have a solid supporting role on this team, he needs to look for other ways to contribute beyond scoring. If Dave Rose needs someone shoot the ball, he has plenty of options. But if Skyler can play feisty defense and create his own scoring opportunities without having to force the ball up, then he will get regular minutes.

The most important thing he can do (beside look great in your team photo) is play within himself and help find shots for others. He has a nice first-step to the basket and he is capable of finishing at the rim. If he can create off the dribble and open up opportunities for others, there will be more options in the halfcourt sets.

On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being unimportant and 10 being absolutely vital, what is Skyler's level of contribution to the team?

This might appear to be a little harsh, but he's in the 4-5 range. It would be great but if he could provide 6-10 points off the bench every night, but the whole season doesn't depend on it. Now if he and Frank Bartley IV and Anson Winder all struggle, then there might be some troubles. Considering how much Dave Rose cut down on Halford's minutes towards the end of last season, it will be interesting to see what kind of playing time he gets in the early going.

Will Skyler, Tyler Haws and Luke Worthington be back for another lip-sync session?