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Updated 'Sailor Coug' on tap as BYU secondary logo across all sports

A cult favorite has been refreshed and will hit stores soon.

via Adam Parker and Torch Creative

A fan favorite throwback logo that resurfaced a few years ago has received an update and will be used as a secondary logo across all BYU sports, according to Adam Parker on Twitter. Parker is the licensing and trademark manager for BYU.

The refreshed look to the Sailor Coug logo compared to the old version looks like this:

updated sailor coug logo with old

The throwback has appeared on hats, t-shirts, and other merchandise in stores throughout Utah beginning around 2010 or so, appearing in different color variations. The new update has been spotted by many on the men's basketball team's shooting shirts this season.

The redesign was done by Torch Creative, a Texas-based design firm that recently provided the Cotton Bowl with its new logo as the game changed sponsors to Goodyear.

When asked how soon the new look will be available on merchandise, Parker answered "very soon."

It's subtle, but what do you think of the simplified look? Will you be buying the new Sailor Coug?