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NFL Draft 2014: Second and Third Round BYU Thread

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If you are anything like me you sat through last night's NFL Draft first round hoping to see a team prove all the experts wrong (except for Mel Kiper who had Van Noy to New Orleans at 27) wrong and take Kyle Van Noy. Unfortunately that did not happen, so we will have to wait and see where Van Noy is picked tonight as the 2014 NFL Draft continues with the second and third rounds.

There just may be a silver lining to this story though. Mocking the Draft's second round mock draft that came out this morning has Van Noy re-joining forces with former teammate Ziggy Ansah in Detroit with the 45th pick. How awesome would that storyline be? We really only got one year of Van Noy and Ansah wreaking havoc on opposing offenses together in college and that just wasn't enough. Count me as one who would love to see what that duo could do together in the NFL.

Outside of Van Noy, it will probably be another quiet night for the NFL hopefuls from BYU, as Cody Hoffman, Daniel Sorensen, Eathyn Manumaleuna, Kaneauka Friel, Uani Unga, and Spencer Hadley are not expected to go until the late rounds or not be drafted at all.

In case you missed it yesterday, here is a compilation of where various other mock draft's have Van Noy landing:

Site Author Last Update Round Pick Team
USA Today Nate Davis 8-May 2nd 61 San Francisco 49ers
Draft Site Staff 8-May 2nd 40 Minnesota Vikings
The New NFL Draft Staff 8-May 2nd 34 Washington Redskins
NFL Draft Geek Staff 8-May 2nd 58 New Orleans Saints
Alpha Football Expert Staff 8-May 2nd 51 Chicago Bears
Walter Football Walt 8-May 2nd 57 San Diego Chargers
eDraft Vincent Frank 7-May 2nd 50 Miami Dolphins
Draft Preview Staff 7-May 2nd 54 Philadelphia Eagles
NFL Rough Draft Staff 7-May 2nd 48 Baltimore Ravens
Optimum Scouting Eric Galko 7-May 2nd 55 Cincinnati Bengals
DraftWiz Staff 7-May 2nd 52 Arizona Cardinals
Draft Season Combined 6-May 2nd 59 Indianapolis Colts

Let us know which of these mock drafts will get their prediction on Van Noy correctly. As well as what you think of all the picks that roll in tonight. Enjoy the draft.