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BYU Basketball Senior Profile: Josh Sharp

Following a remarkable performance over the past three games, Senior forward Josh Sharp will take the floor at the Marriott Center Thursday night for his final home game as a Cougar.

Josh Sharp, Dec 11, 2013, Provo, UT.
Josh Sharp, Dec 11, 2013, Provo, UT.
Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

As BYU takes the floor Thursday night in the Marriott Center for their final home game of the season, senior forward Josh Sharp will play his final home game as a Cougar. It will be his 108th game as a Cougar, and one that should allow him to walk out of the arena with his head held high.

Sharp was a team captain at Lone Peak High School, helping his team win the state title in 2007 and 2008. Before signing on with the Cougars, Sharp was headed 40 miles north to play for another school.  Following a redshirt year at the University of Utah and his LDS missionary service in Houston, he transferred to BYU and the rest is history.

Sharp was a contributor as a sophomore and junior, but hasn't seen much playing time this year, averaging only three minutes per game, and not playing at all in 12 of them.  Things recently changed, however, when he was moved to the starting position Feb 7, replacing injured teammate Anson Winder. The Cougars needed a jumper and rebounder, and that's exactly what Sharp is.

The start seemed to be exactly what Sharp has been waiting for. Over the past three games, he has played an average of almost 23 minutes, during which he has made some awfully nice rebounds, key blocks, timely assists and a three-pointer with eight seconds left in the game against Pacific. He finished that game to the sound of the crowd chanting, and they were chanting for him.

In an article from October, 2014, Vanquish The Foe's Jake Welch stated that, "The key for Josh will be to make the most of whatever minutes Rose sends his way," and that is exactly what he has done.  Sharp may not go down in the annals of BYU basketball as a star, but he can finish his career as a Cougar knowing that in the end he made the most of what he was given and made an impact -- and that is reason for him to walk off with his head held high.