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BYU football: Internal review focuses on improper benefits

The rule based on improper benefits seems to be the heart of an internal review into BYU Football

BYU football
BYU football
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Updated at 5/21/14 5:24 EST

In a shocking revelation by radio personality Scott Garrard of 1280thezone, BYU has been conducting an internal review into NCAA infractions associated with improper benefits.  On his twitter account at 12:26 pm he posted the following:

Later he corrected the wording to state "improper benefits".  So what information do we currently have? Not a whole lot and it will be fluid as information is clarified over the next few days.  We will update the information as we receive it. Here is what we know so far:

What We Know:

Currently the information is based on current and former players, and as of yet there are no names that have been associated with receiving improper benefits.

The former staff member linked to the story has been identified as Duane Busby, former Director of Football Operations from 1996-2014.  At this time the allegations against him have not been confirmed by BYU.

BYU has confirmed an internal review and is aware of the allegations and is looking at all information as stated in the tweet below:

The review has been an internal review to this point and there is no indication that the NCAA has been contacted or is involved to date.

Former BYU receiver Cody Hoffman was contacted in regards to participating in the internal review but declined per his manager Sam Leaf.  He has not been accused of receiving improper benefits and denies that he ever received any improper benefits.

The majority of the alleged benefits involved free or discounted housing, iPads, and free meals.

David James from channel 2 news is reluctant to report more information regarding players and benefits as there is conflicting reports.  The consistent report is based on the free or discounted housing.

Jay Drew at the Salt Lake Tribune reports the following:

BYU has either self-reported the results of its investigation to the NCAA or is in the process of doing so, according to a source with close ties to the athletic department. The school has or will suggest self-imposed punishment to the NCAA, suggestions that could possibly result in players being suspended for one or more games in the upcoming season.

David James on Talking Sports (Channel 2) mentioned that the review started when a player that was not receiving extra benefits took it to the compliance office. No mention of who the player is. (*updated 10:45pm 5/21)

Latest development on 5/28:

According to Brandon Gurney of the Deseret News, the investigation appears to have been started due to extra socks being provided by Busby.  At this time it is not clear if the previous allegations can be substantiated but his current sources hint that it is unlikely.

Brandon Gurney also mentioned that Busby had been planning on retiring within the next few years and this could have put the retirement in motion.

BYU has yet to announce their final report on the findings but we will continue to monitor the situation and let you know the information from their findings.  Remember to check back here for more information as it becomes available .