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BYU Morning Links: Non-Sockgate Edition

What people are saying about BYU, their chances at an undefeated season, and their continued quest for relevance.

Taysom Hill looks to pass
Taysom Hill looks to pass
Douglas C. Pizac-US PRESSWIRE

A few interesting articles have popped up over the last few days about BYU football that (incredibly!) have nothing to do with "sockgate".   Here they are in case you may have missed them.

Michael Weinreb wrote a thoughtful piece on BYU's quest for relevance and not just over the last handful of years.  Weinreb goes all the way back 40 years, to the beginning of the LaVell Edwards era to discuss the ongoing fight for relevance in college football.  He references a game against CSU in 1974 in what still has to be one of the most bizarre endings to a game in college football history (apparently no footage of the game exists) and how BYU started to become really successful following this game.  His piece is really good, so check it out when you get a chance.

Mike Huguenin has released his list of who he thinks are going to be the 14 most explosive players in the 2014 season.  UTEP transfer Jordan Leslie shows up on the list as well as Dres Anderson from the University of Utah. What a game that is going to be!...wait, that's right, there will be no match up this year, but exciting to have two local players on the list. Huguenin says that Leslie:

"[W]as one of 19 players last season that had at least two receptions covering 70 yards and was tied for second nationally with four receptions covering at least 60 yards."

BYU needs Leslie to stretch the field this year for them to have success in other facets of the game.  The mere threat of the deep ball will be a huge asset for the Cougars this season.

Things are looking really good for Daniel Sorensen in Kansas City.  The former BYU safety appears to have a great chance of making the roster.  He's performed really well in camp thus far and the Chiefs need to fill a few spots in their secondary.

Brandon Goble at Against The Number predicts that BYU has a realistic chance of getting in to the college football playoffs.  He thinks that the Cougars can go undefeated and Taysom Hill will be a potential Heisman candidate this year.