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NFL Draft Profile: Cody Hoffman

With only a few days left until the NFL Draft begins, we take a look at former Cougar Cody Hoffman and how he projects to the next level.

Thearon W. Henderson

The second profile that we will be looking at is the all time leading WR in BYU history: Cody Hoffman. If you watched BYU throughout his career you know what Hoffman is something special. Although his numbers declined this season he was still productive and had showed flashes of NFL talent. It will be hard to replace his talent and will be missed on the offensive side of the ball. He was truly a great athlete and fun player to watch throughout his career at BYU.

After the season Hoffman really needed to perform big at the combine and pro day in order to impress scouts and get drafted on a team. Unlike Van Noy and Sorensen, Hoffman has a more difficult road to the draft because he is a WR which is the most populated position in the draft. Sadly, Hoffman did not get the results he needed in the combine and it hurt his numbers more. Below are his statistics from the NFL Combine.


  • 40-Yard Dash: 4.65 (Official; 4.53 Unofficial) – 42nd out of 45
  • Broad Jump: 108.0 inches – Last among WRs
  • Vertical Jump: 27.5 inches – Last among WRs
  • Bench Press: 13 reps – Tied for ninth best
Because of these numbers and the one game suspension that Hoffman had last year really made a lot of NFL teams question his work ethic. There have even been some off season, and off the field issues that are scaring teams away from him.

Pros: Cody Hoffman has an NFL pedigree since his father played TE for the Raiders and Patriots (1978-1985). He has an outstanding frame and has a very wide catching radius. Very tough and willing to take the big hit to make the catch. 4 year starter and experienced player.

Cons: Has a history of injuries torn rib cartilage, tore his right labrum and played with a separated shoulder. Work ethic is questionable. Speed is an issue and does not have that elite speed that could help him separate for the corners in the NFL.

NFL Comparison: Cody Hoffman is most comparable to Malcom Floyd of the San Diego Chargers. They both share similar builds in size and speed. Floyd has learn how to use his size and body to get separation instead of relying on his speed. Floyd has great hands and rarely drops the ball when thrown his way, but has a history of injuries.

Hoffman is projected to get drafted in the 7th round and if he gets the chance on an NFL team he could be the 4th or 5th option on an NFL team. If Hoffman does get on the right team and works hard we could see him playing on Sunday in the NFL but he must give it his all and put forth 100% to get his chance to shine.