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BYU Football: Multiple Alternate Uniforms for the Cougars?

George Frey

On Monday, Cougar tackle De'Ondre Wesley posted an interesting image to Instagram.  The image showed three alternate uniforms along with dates that the Cougars will supposedly wear them.  The image shows a whiteout uniform for the game against Virginia, a royal blue uniform for the game with Utah State, and a blackout uniform for the game against UNLV.

1280 the Zone producer, Jake Hatch, broke the news and shared Wesley's photo on his Twitter account.



I, for one, am totally for the use of alternate uniforms, although I don't consider the whiteout that exciting because it is just the away uniform.  I really loved the black and royal uniforms that have been worn the last couple years.  It is a fun way to change it up and I think it is pretty fun for the fans.  One thing I really like about the alternate uniforms the Cougars have worn is that they are not overly crazy.  They still look like a BYU team out there.  Other teams that wear multiple uniforms do not have that similar look at times.

A plus of using multiple uniforms, especially ones that look as cool as BYU's, is that it can appeal to recruits.  With the generation of recruits that we are talking about, one of the things they like so much about teams like Oregon is the multitude of uniforms and how cool they look.  This gives the Cougars one more recruiting tool that they can use.  Many kids really have a "look good, play good" mentality and now BYU looks to moving in that direction too.

The university has not announced this as official, but hopefully BYU will be wearing the uniforms in Wesley's picture this fall and Cougar fans will have one more thing to look forward to this season.