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Cougar Kickoff Countdown: 74 Days

74 days left in the Cougar Kickoff Countdown.

George Frey

In 2006 BYU made its second of five straight appearances in the Las Vegas Bowl against the Oregon Ducks. Mike Bellotti, Duck's head coach, drew the ire of BYU fans when several days prior to the bowl game he was asked to compare the Cougars to the Pac-10 teams and essentially said that they wouldn't be competitive in the conference. The Cougars dominated the Ducks with a final score of 38-8. BYU scored five touchdowns and a field goal on 548 yards total offense (more than double the Ducks 260). John Beck, Jonny Harline, and Curtis Brown powered the offense, while Bryan Kehl, Cameron Jensen, and Quinn Gooch did the same on the defense. The Cougars proved to be far more than the Ducks could handle.