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Cougar Kickoff Countdown: 63 Days

Curg Belcher committed to BYU in an unusual, and unexpected way.

Douglas C. Pizac-US PRESSWIRE

Curg Belcher might have one of the best names in BYU football history. Think about it. Curg Belcher. It just sounds like a tough guy to line up against. Not only that, Curg Belcher has one of the most unique recruiting stories of all time.

In 1963 Belcher was being recruited by both BYU and the U of U, and he decided that he wanted to play for Utah. One day a coach called him at home and Belcher, thinking it was a Utah coach, declared he wanted to play for his team. The coach told him they would be at his house in Vernal in a few hours.

Anticipating coaches from Utah, Belcher nearly passed out when he opened the door to see BYU coaches on his front step, laden with Cougar swag for him. Belcher's father invited the coaches inside, who must have been confused at the odd reception, and then took his son into another room to discuss the situation. He told Belcher, "I've never interfered, but those men came clear out here thinking that you were going to BYU. I think that's where you should go." Following his father's advice he went to BYU and that, is how Curg Belcher became a Cougar.