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Cougar Kickoff Countdown: 85 Days

85 days left in the Cougar Kickoff Countdown and we take a look at #85 Clay Brown.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

#85 Clay Brown's profile on the BYU Cougars web site states, "While Brigham Young University has been called "QB" U, BYU also opened the doors of its Tight End Factory with Clay Brown as a prototype. Following in the footsteps of Clay's success, fellow All-American tight ends Gordon Hudson, David Mills, Trevor Molini, Chris Smith, Chad Lewis, and Ituli Mili have come through the BYU program." Let's not forget Dennis Pitta either.

Perhaps fellow Cougar tight end Gordon Hudson described Clay Brown best when he said, "After making a catch, Clay turned into a running back. He didn't just look to run over guys, although he could. He would run around them, juke them, and even run away from them."

Of course, Clay Brown is best remembered for being in the end zone, surrounded by SMU defenders, and somehow coming down with the "Miracle Pass" from Jim McMahon.