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Cougar Kickoff Countdown: 82 Days BYU v. Utah

There are 82 days left in the Cougar Kickoff Countdown and in 1982 BYU beat Utah 17-12

George Frey

Because the University of Utah decided not to play Brigham Young this season we will take a look at several games in the history of the rivalry throughout this countdown. In 1982 Steve Young was in his junior season. The Cougars already had three losses on the season but were still playing to win the WAC Championship. Approaching the final conference game of the season coaches and players on both sides were interviewed and had some fun things to say.

Chuck Stobart, head coach at Utah said, "I'll tell you what, if Steve were to come down sick Saturday morning I'd feel a little badly for him but not real bad."

LaVell Edwards said, "It's a conference championship, it's a chance to go to the bowl game, and it's Utah. And not necessarily in that order of importance."

BYU QB Steve Young said, "Let them hoop and holler if they like but that won't be the first time we face that either."

A Utah player said, "I only been here a year and it seems like everybody around here likes BYU and nobody likes Utah. So I'd like to go out there and get that victory."

Another Utah player said, "Well we beat Utah State, they're not going to a bowl game. We can't go to a bowl game so we don't want BYU to go to a bowl game."

After BYU won 17-12, Edwards told a reporter, "I just told our offense if we got 17 points I thought we could win."