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Cougar Kickoff Countdown: 40 Days

40 years after Paul James became the Voice of the Cougars he was inducted into the BYU Sports Hall of Fame.

George Frey

Paul James traveled the country with head coach LaVell Edwards. The two were both often invited to speak at various public functions, often with Edwards as the keynote speaker and James as the inevitable master of ceremonies. James had a lot of fun doing so and shared some of his hilarious introductions for Edwards in his book Cougar Tales:

LaVell and I have a very strange and wonderful relationship. He's strange and I'm wonderful!

He's so devoted to football that he refers to his wife as his first draft choice.

He figures anyone with two ears is a sissy.

To give you an idea of how old LaVell is, on his last birthday they built a bonfire on his birthday cake.

When he was a kid, sex education was learning to kiss without bumping noses. With his nose he's never been kissed.

LaVell comes from a town so small that the electrical power plant is a Sears Die-Hard Battery.

Once he took his cousin to the senior prom. He had a terrible time, and Ralph didn't enjoy it much either.

People ask: What happened to your face, did you block a punt?

In 1982 he was the poster boy for Preparation H.

At age 21 he was chosen Mr. America; of course, in those days there were very few Americans.