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Cougar Kickoff Countdown: 29 Days

Less than a month to go to kickoff in East Hartford!

BYU Cougars

Jamal Willis came to BYU from Las Vegas, Nevada in large part because he followed his dad's advice. Willis quickly became a fan favorite in Cougar Stadium and a four-year starter. His freshman season the Cougars played against the San Diego State Aztecs and their freshman running back, Marshall Faulk. Although there was not much defense in that game, it ended in a 52-52 tie, Willis and Faulk put on a show.

Willis left BYU as the school's career leading rusher with 2,970 yards. The consummate team player, when Curtis Brown was approaching his record, Willis gave Brown some extra motivation by putting a poster of himself up in Brown's locker and then told him he had to look at it everyday until the record was beaten. When Brown eclipsed his record with a 49-yard touchdown run, Willis was just as happy as anyone else. Willis is now third in career rushing yards at BYU behind Harvey Unga and Curtis Brown. Another Jamaal, Jamaal Williams, is looking to become the rushing leader at BYU this season. No doubt Willis will be proud of him too.