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Cougar Kickoff Countdown: 10 Days

Only ten days left in the Cougar Kickoff Countdown!


Bronco Mendenhall is in his tenth year as the head coach at BYU and for some reason there are always undertones of fans wanting him fired and replaced. In the last nine years Mendenhall's teams have combined for a 82-34 record, or 70.7 percent win ratio. Not many coaches nationally do that. At home, the Cougars have been an impressive 46-9, or 83.6 percent. Every season since becoming the head coach, BYU has played in bowl games, going 6-3, or 66.6 percent. He also coached the Cougars to two MWC championships.

True, Mendenhall's teams have combined for 29-22 in away games, or 56.9 percent, which has been disappointing for fans. Many fans don't like that Mendenhall prioritizes four other things above football. Since going independent the team has a combined 31-19 record, or 62 percent, which is below everyone's expectations. The fact that Mendenhall has not had many of his own recruits, never mind the Crowton recruits that he developed or Ziggy Ansah, drafted into the NFL.

What fans need to keep in mind is that he took a program that had been embarrassed by off-the-field player misconduct and on-the-field poor play, the Cougars went 9-14 in the two seasons preceding Mendenhall's tenure. He quickly restored national respect to the program and at the same time developed infrastructure and emphasis on developing players on and off the field. For fans who can look at his accomplishments and still want a different head coach, who out there would be better?

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Mendhenhall has been good for BYU.