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BYU Football Bold Predictions for each game

Game by game bold predictions for the upcoming football season

Mike McGinnis

Game 1: UConn

With an emphasis on not repeating the debacle that became the Virginia opener last season, the offense comes into this game fired up.  The offensive line is hungry to prove that they are physical and open up running lanes for Taysom Hill and company, racking up the rush yardage.  As the UConn defense tries to load up the box to stop the run, Taysom makes them pay by completing 70% of his passes for a couple scores to his new receivers like Leslie.

Cougars still blow out the Huskies even with the losses of some players who will be suspended for this game.

Game 2: Texas

In an effort to not have Taysom run for 250+ and the running backs run for 200 yards, the Texas defense keys in on the running game.  Using quick and accurate passes to speedy receivers like Devon Blackmon and Trey Dye, the BYU offense forces the Longhorns to respect the pass game and open up some running lanes for Taysom and Jamaal.  Texas native, Ross Apo scores two touchdowns off long bombs from Hill which help the Cougars keep momentum.  The BYU defense, led by the linebackers and defensive secondary, are solid and contribute to a close win with a couple well timed turnovers from David Ash.

Cougars win a nail biter in Austin.

Game 3: Houston

After giving up 483 yards and 46 points last season, the defense comes out hungry to stop the high powered Houston passing game.  Cougar defensive backs play physical and only allow 250 yards through the air after giving up over 400 last year.  The linebackers snuff out the running game and short passing game to show that this BYU defense is as good as previous versions.  Hill and company have a solid game scoring 5 touchdowns.

Blue Cougars beat Red Cougars by three touchdowns.

Game 4: Virginia

After losing by one point in last year's opener, the Cougars come out fired up in a revenge game of sorts.  The offense rolls while the defense allows under 20 points for the blow out win.

Cougars blow out the Cavaliers to make up for last year.

Game 5: Utah State

In a game touted as a match up between the state's two best quarterbacks, Taysom Hill finally takes hold of that title by leading the Cougars in a big victory over their in-state rivals.  The defense contains Chuckie Keeton and hold him under 250 total yards of offense and forcing multiple turnovers.  Taysom show his improvement as a passer by being accurate and spreading the ball to his many receiving weapons, mostly Leslie, Dye, and Blackmon.

Cougars win by two touchdowns.

Game 6: Central Florida

The Cougars head back east for a show down with UCF.  In a game marked by offensive fireworks, the defense that comes up with the last big play wins the game.  Taysom is bottled up on the ground but Jamaal has a good game going for over 100 yards and two touchdowns.  When the defense starts to adjust, Hill finds his weapons on the outside for a huge game in the air, over 400 yards and 3 touchdowns.  On the last two drives for UCF, the BYU defense capitalizes on mistakes made by the new quarterback to secure the win.

BYU wins a close one in Orlando.

Game 7: Nevada

The Cougars suffer a post-big win let down for the first half.  They trail going into halftime, but come out fired up and the defense forces two turnovers and the offense capitalizes and scores touchdowns to take the lead and extend to a comfortable distance.  After that, the offense gets on track and rolls up the running yards en route to a big homecoming win.

Cougars blow out the Wolfpack.

Game 8: Boise State

The Cougars go into Boise with the mindset that this is the last tough game of the year.  All phases of the game are now on point and it shows on the field.  Hill and Williams combine to have 300 yards on the ground while Taysom contributes through the air also.  The defense plays tough and hold the Broncos to another low scoring game (after holding the Broncos to 0 and 20 points defensively in their last two meetings). 

BYU beats Boise by two touchdowns.

Game 9: Middle Tennessee State

The go on the road to take on the Tigers in Murfreesboro.  The Cougars start to show some fatigue with their fourth game where they have to travel a considerable distance.  In the end, the Tigers just don't have enough talent to hold off Hill, Williams, and the core of receivers available.

The offense rolls up another 35+ point game en route to a big win.

Game 10: UNLV

The Cougars welcome an old Mountain West foe into LES for a showdown that will go down like many previously.  UNLV struggles with the cold weather and look very slow in the beginning.  The Cougars, on the other had, start fast offensively and take a big lead into halftime.  UNLV tries to make a comeback in the second half, but Hill and the offense break a couple big plays for scores that break the moral of the Rebels.

BYU wins big at home.

Game 11: Savannah State

The yearly FBS pounding in Provo starts off with a big first half from the first team.  Williams rushes for over 100 yards and two touchdowns even though he has minimal carries.  Hill also has a couple 30+ yard runs while piling up over 150 yards passing against a reeling defense.  The BYU defense plays just as well, holding Savannah to under 20 points on the game.  Fua and Kaufusi have big games, each tallying multiple sacks.

Cougars win big.

Game 12: Cal

With the first undefeated season since 1984 within grasp, the Cougars come in into the Cal game fired up.  BYU finds themselves in a shoot out because of both teams style of play.  Reminiscent of the Houston game in 2013, Hill leads a late 4th quarter scoring drive to take the lead.  On the ensuing drive, the defense forces a turnover to secure the victory.

BYU wins a close one.

Game 13: New Year's Day Bowl

The Cougars miss out on a bid to the 4 team playoff because of strength of schedule, but secure a berth in one of the other games that comprised the BCS, the Fiesta Bowl.  They play UCLA in Phoenix.  The Cougars play well but eventually lose to a team that pushed Oregon for the Pac-12 championship.

The bowl bid, plus next season's schedule, put BYU in a good position to make some noise on the national stage in 2015.

Obviously, an undefeated season is very hard to do, otherwise the Cougars probably would have pulled one of since 1984.  This is bold prediction (fantasy) post.  Realistically, the Texas, Houston, Utah State, and Boise games all kind of scare me.  I really hope that this team can go with only one or two losses, still setting them up for some noise in 2015!