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CougarCast: Week 3 BYU vs. Houston Preview

Tosh and Keith hurdle over the Texas game on their way to discussing the Houston Cougars personnel, Robertson Daniel's improvement, offense vs. defense matchup breakdowns, a researched reason to hate the Houston Cougars, leak the title of Bronco's fireside talk, and give their game predictions.

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Its a short week!  Its a home opener!  Its a rematch of the most entertaining game of last season!

In this week's episode Keith Shirts and Tosh Mackintosh discuss:

  • Tosh's experience at Darryl K. Royal Stadium in Austin, Texas (:54)
  • Takeaways from the Texas game (3:24)
  • Who are the Houston Cougars? (6:00)
  • Houston QB John O'Korn (8:08)
  • Houston WR Deontay Greenberry (9:25)
  • Robertson Daniel has jumped a level! (10:15)
  • Houston Defense (11:36)
  • Houston RBs Kenneth Farrow and Javin Webb (13:14)
  • How BYU and Houston will handle the short week (15:52)
  • Home opener crowd energy (18:33)
  • How BYU matches up with Houston compared to last year (20:06)
  • Houston running attack vs. BYU run defense (21:45)
  • Houston passing attack vs. BYU pass defense (22:58)
  • BYU offense vs. Houston defense (24:00)
  • What will every BYU opponent do against the BYU offense for as long as Taysom Hill is the starting QB? (29:36)
  • What offensive plan will BYU use against Houston? Keith says, "Run it!"  Tosh says, "Pass it!" (32:28)
  • Any special plans for attacking Houston defensively?  How should Houston game plan offensively? (35:35)
  • Ten for Tosh! (40:10)
  • Game is at 7:00 MST on ESPN.  Announce team is Rece Davis, David Pollack, Former Bachelor Jesse Palmer, and Samantha Ponder.  Keith is not excited about Samantha Ponder being in LaVell Edwards Stadium!  She's certainly bad luck. (46:45)
  • Reason to hate the Houston Cougars, includes research from the Texas Historical Society (48:23)
  • The title of Bronco's fireside talk this week (51:45)
  • Keith's game and score prediction (54:05)
  • Tosh's game and score prediction (55:00)
  • Is BYU running the table? (56:47)
  • Tell your friends about the show! (57:30)

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About The Show

2002 Daily Herald Utah County Name of the Year Award Winner Tosh Mackintosh and Keith Shirts are two friends who bond over BYU Sports.  Obsessed, passionate, and opinionated, they chop it up over BYU Hoops and Football.

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