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VTF Presents: A BYU Podcast featuring Zach Bloxham & Jake Welch - Episode Three

In episode three of the nameless podcast, Zach Bloxham and Jake Welch discuss who really impressed in the Texas win and if BYU fans should be talking about the potential of a perfect season.

Chris Covatta

In the third installment of the podcast Zach and Jake evaluate the Cougars performance against Texas, discuss what to expect on Thursday when BYU pays host to a young Houston team and what play Robert Anae will dial up for the first offensive play of the game.

LISTEN: VTF Presents: A Podcast featuring Zach Bloxham and Jake Welch - Episode Three

Follow Zach and Jake on Twitter at their respective accounts, @zbloxham and @BYUAllBlue.

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