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Know the Bro: Adam Hine

Humble and unassuming, Adam Hine proves the benefits of hard work, increased experience, and a winning attitude as the Cougars look back on Texas and forward to Houston.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Hine committed to BYU when he was only 16 years old. Still a sophomore at Snow Canyon High School in Santa Clara, Utah, Hine knew exactly what he wanted. BYU, he says, is "just the perfect place for me."

In addition to football, Hine also had some shining moments on the track. As a junior, he high jumped 7-feet-2-inches, breaking a Utah state record that had stood for 29 years. His senior year he won the 4A long jump and took second in the javelin.

Choosing to focus on football rather than track, Hine committed to the Cougars, and then left right out of high school to serve a mission in Panama. Redshirting the 2011 season, Hine wouldn't play football again until 2012. He played in four games on special teams as a redshirt freshman, but it would be his sophomore season that would bring him into the spotlight.

As the Cougars took the field in their fourth game of the season against Middle Tennessee, Hine returned the opening kickoff 90 yards.

Later in the game he would sustain a concussion, causing him to be helped on the field and sit out the next week against Utah State. He scored one touchdown against Idaho state and finished the season ranked No. 12 for kickoff returns, averaging 27.2 yards.

Hine has continued to improve, and only two games into the season he is proving to be an asset at the running back position. He was the recipient of a Taysom Hill touchdown pass two weeks ago against UConn, and last week he rushed for two more against Texas.

Just weeks before his freshman season at BYU began, Dick Harmon of the Deseret News described Adam Hine as a "humble, unassuming athlete." That description holds true, as Hine is very quick to give credit to those around him for his success. On field he credits the offensive line, who he says allow him to pretty much walk into the end zone. He also credits the defense for making stops and giving the offense good field position. He credits his off-field success to his mom.

Hine's unassuming attitude and love of the game have led to his versatility as an athlete. "I'll play running back, linebacker, receiver, defensive back, offensive lineman, quarterback or defensive lineman. Whatever they want me to do."

Hine is one of many talented players at running back, alongside teammates Jamaal Williams, Algie Brown and Paul Lasike. Having such a talented back field can sometime be the difference in whether a team is great, or merely good — and with such a great start to the season, I think that fans, players and coaches alike have increased hope that this year they really might be great.