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Media Recap: BYU's win over Texas in highlights, photoshops and more

Relive BYU's 41-7 drubbing of Texas in videos, vines, photoshops, and more.

Chris Covatta

I woke up Sunday morning and I can confirm after verifying with sources -- BYU did in fact beat Texas 41-7 Saturday night.

Here are some of my favorite videos, Vines, tweets, and photos (original or altered) from last night's glorious win.

First, treatments of the ubiquitous Taysom Hill hurdling touchdown:


Greg Wrubell's call:

And the photoshop tweets:

The Longhorn Network had some competition trying to start its postgame show:

Newspaper action:

Jordan Leslie enjoyed a great game:

A couple of awesome photos of Bronco Mendenhall enjoying the victory:

BYU is now 4-1 all-time against Texas, with the four wins coming by an average of nearly 25 points and the lone loss being the one-point defeat on the road in 2011. So this being created by somebody somewhere was inevitable:


We all woke up today, Devin, so I think we're good. Was a risky move though:

Finally, one embed and several links to postgame interviews (no need to embed them all). Bronco can't keep the smile off his face and you can't either after you watch it.

Other BYUtv postgame interviews:
Taysom Hill
Adam Hine
Jordan Leslie
Jamaal Williams
Michael Alisa
Remington Peck

Moving forward, the best part is we get to see the next game two days earlier with the second leg of the Texas two-step as Houston is in Provo on Thursday.