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BYU football recruiting: 2015 QB Koy Detmer Jr. officially chooses to walk on at BYU

Koy Detmer, Jr. has accepted an offer to be a preferred walk-on for the BYU Cougars.

Koy Detmer Jr.
Koy Detmer Jr.
Student Sport

Koy Detmer, Jr. has informed Vanquish The Foe that he has officially accepted an offer from the BYU Cougars to join the team as a preferred walk-on at quarterback. The recruiting process for Detmer came down to the last few weeks before signing day, but after his last official visit and thinking long and hard about it, he decided that BYU was the place for him.

Detmer is listed as a three-star recruit by 247sports composite. The 5-foot-10, 165-pound pro-style thrower will be in Provo by early summer and will join the team in time for fall preparations and the start of the Cougars season. The under-sized, but talented quarterback drew interest from a number of teams, including BYU, Houston, North Texas, Texas-San Antonio, Utah, and Colorado.

Although many critics look at Detmer as undersized, he doesn't see himself as much undersized as underweight. One of his plans is to get on campus and put on weight as he learns from the current crop of BYU quarterbacks. When asked what he expects from his freshman year, he admitted that redshirting may be a possibility, but that might be a good thing as it adds another year to his learning and preparing.

The Detmer name needs little explanation at BYU, as Koy is the nephew of Heisman-winner Ty and son of NFL QB Koy. In fact, Koy stated that his Ty was "a huge part in influencing"  the decision to play at his uncle's alma mater.

Along with the influence of Ty, the current players and coaches made such an impression on Koy that he felt that they made the football program special "like no other". He was initially recruited by quarterbacks coach Jason Beck. Beck was one of the first coaches to pay Koy a visit, and that made a lasting impression. But don't think for a minute that it is all about football, he is also excited about the education. The quality of education at BYU was an extremely appealing aspect of BYU, second only to football.

Detmer comes out of Texas where football reigns supreme, and it doesn't hurt at all that his head coach was his grandfather, Sonny, and his offensive coordinator was his father. Sonny is one of the most respected head high school football coaches in Texas. Detmer will be coming into an offense that he hasn't run before, but is excited to learn and absorb all he can as he fights for a starting job.

When asked what he wants BYU fans to know about him he said

"I don't want to be the kid that comes in and is trying to attract all the attention and think I'm the big dog on campus. I am just another athlete coming up to Provo to work for a job on the field, and off the field continue my strong faith with my lord and savior Jesus Christ. But I am very excited to come and work very hard each and every day."

His response shows why he was recruited by the Cougars and it is refreshing to see he is ready to put in the work, make the sacrifices, and come ready to compete.

Similar to his uncle, Koy has a great pocket presence and will use his legs to buy time for his receivers to get open. Along with having an accurate arm, Detmer stays in the pocket for as long as possible and delivers the ball to the open receiver. In a number of his highlights below you can see he has the ability to extend plays with his legs or take off and run effectively if needed.

Having Detmer on campus will only help the program as he brings a competitive personality to the team and drives other players to keep up with him, regardless of their level of talent. The future is bright for Detmer and the Cougars.

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