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Twitter Recap: Tom Holmoe holds serve on football schedules, conference affiliation and more

BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe spoke to the media Tuesday to address general topics of interest.

George Frey/Getty Images

A gamut of topics were discussed Tuesday when BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe met with some members of the media, chief among them being the long-term outlook of independence and scheduling Utah in football. Here is a rundown of what was covered.

Independence and conference affiliation

The key takeaway from Holmoe's remarks on this topic was that because of the massive amounts of money involved and the disparity in that money when you aren't in a power-5 conference, BYU does not view independence as a viable, long-term solution. He also said BYU plans on being in a power-5 conference in the near future.

He also addressed specifics regarding ND-ACC type agreements and football-only membership:

About the Pac-12:

On Notre Dame:

Scheduling Utah in football

Consistent with his usual message, Holmoe indicated BYU still very much wants to play Utah in football and confirmed talks were in progress for games in 2019-20.

On Miami brawl, Charles West:

More on independence

On the sentiment about former players being upset with BYU

And one final item where there are conflicting transcribed quotes