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BYU football recruiting: Massive Tongan lineman Motekiai Langi inks surprise signing with BYU

BYU announced a BIG surprise signing to the football team.

BYU Football's official bio graphic for Langi.

One signee of BYU's 2015 football class took the nation by storm Wednesday: 6-foot-7, 410-pound lineman Motekiai Langi from Liahona, Tonga.


The big Tongan has a rugby background and has participated in football camps, and was a surprise signing for BYU's class. More information about Langi is slowly emerging, but Langi is apparently just beginning his LDS mission in Phoenix, so he will join the team in 2017.

I'd imagine he loses a few pounds while on a mission, and could become a huge force for BYU when given access to Frank Wintrich and Division-I training facilities. I'd venture a guess that nose tackle is his likeliest position.

Some nationally have questioned Langi's existence, which is silly. He's also not just the largest person BYU could find.

BYU football's sports information director Brett Pyne tweeted this picture of Langi with Bronson Kaufusi, which gives you an indication of exactly how large Langi is:


Also, this YouTube video emerged of Langi, though it is unclear if this is recent or when Langi was younger:

I've never been more excited for a recruit to return home from his mission. Godspeed, Elder Langi, and treat those Arizonans well.

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